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“I dreamt of moments like these. Sitting outside my room, looking out over the bush that is my backyard. The sun is setting and I have my diary resting against my legs while I write, inspired by the colors, smells and all that is around me. A waterbuck walks past, followed by a steenbok and soon after, a kudu. The bushes do a good job at camouflaging him, but eventually he steps out into the open, into the the sunlight. It turns to look at me and we stare at each other for a second before it moves on.”

I wrote this in my diary on the 1st of October, feeling grateful for dreams becoming reality. This photo comes from my vision book, a dream I had, which came true (ok maybe not for the awesome desk, tent and sexy safari hat, but you get the idea).


2/10/2013: Lance and I had another day off today. After 2 guests checked out in the morning we watched Breaking Bad for 2 hours, went to lie by the pool with a book and relaxed for another 2, reading, sleeping, sunbathing and getting in the pool. It sure was a hard days work!
In the afternoon we decided to go for a drive together, so we packed the coolerbox with drinks and snacks and stayed out till late. I was sitting on the trackers seat with my heavy camera, but soon decided to move to the back to be a little more comfortable. When we got to the river, Lance wanted to go for a walk, so I jumped off the seat…. Unfortunately my camera was a little too heavy and I didn’t jump far enough, resulting in me landing with my tailbone on the metal footrest, feet not touching the ground. I immediately felt sick and thought I was gonna faint. Holy shit it hurt! I managed to climb onto the car and lay down on the seats to stop the nausea, while Lance went for a walk. The rest of the drive was very painful. I could only sit on one bum cheek and trying to push myself up hurt like crazy, but I’d been looking forward to going on a drive and wasn’t gonna let my broken butt ruin the fun. Luckily it paid off and after half an hour of intense spotting, Lance saw this lioness, just as the sun started to go down and the light was magical.


The next day we had no guests, because people from Pest Control were coming in to spray the entire place, plus some electricians (who never showed up, it’s Africa!) and we had to spring clean the lodge. I can tell you one thing, when your tailbone hurts as much as mine did, this is not something I recommend you do, but being the stubborn person I am, not wanting to let down the staff by having them do it without my help, I got to work. Two hours later, I had to stop. I could barely walk, stand, sit or lie down, without being in a lot of pain, so I stumbled to my room to rest. I couldn’t sit still for long though and got restless, so we grabbed our camera gear and went for another drive to do some more night photography. This was my absolute favorite from the night.



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