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First day in Madagascar

9 April 2013: We wake up at 9.30AM and have another real French breakfast at the hotel: fresh orange juice, pastries, cereal, eggs, cheeses, coffee, tea etc. before our shuttle arrives at 12. We check out and head towards the airport. Minutes before we arrive it starts pouring down, making me so happy we decided to go to Paris the day before while it was still Sunny.

At the airport we have lunch, edit some photos from the day before and board our flight, without any problems! The plane is probably not even half full and so luckily Lance and I get to sit together. The flight takes 11 hours and the in-flight entertainment is absolute poos, so I sleep most of the way.

When we arrive in Madagascar it’s 4AM and still very hot! I’m so glad to have escaped the freezing cold European weather. Going through customs goes surprisingly quick and without any hassles. We’re outside the arrivals hall within an hour where my uncle and cousin pick us up and drive us to their house while the sun slowly starts coming up and we get to see Madagascar for the very first time! It immediately reminds me of Kenya: the smell, the little shacks along the roads where people sell anything to make a living and just the general hustle and bustle.

My family lives in the capital: Antananarivo (Tana) and it takes us about half an hour to get to their house. It’s a really beautiful place, with a large garden and terrace and really has everything you need. My uncle introduces us to his guard dogs. There’s more than 10 of them and they are without exaggerating “scary as hell” and could literally bite your face off, but luckily they accept us 🙂

The rest of our day we do some unpacking, have a nap, go out for lunch and work on the photography presentation we will be doing tomorrow at the American school my aunt works at and my cousin goes to.


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