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Close and personal with two black rhinos

After 6 weeks of working without a single break, Lance and I were very excited to have 2 weeks off, but before we drove all the way back to Joburg for 6 hours we stopped at a lodge nearby who run an anti-poaching program. Two large adult black rhinos have been rescued from poachers and live here until they will be released into the wild (sometime this week). Despite their history with humans, both were incredibly friendly and not shy to be touched at all. They were very curious and such a joy to photograph. Seeing them up close and personal it’s hard to believe that anyone could do these animals any harm.


You can see the scar of where this rhino was trapped in a snare. Underneath its neck he still has a few wounds that haven’t healed completely._MG_3042_MG_3045_MG_3054_MG_3056_MG_3057_MG_3061_MG_3066-Edit-Edit

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