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On Friday, 5th of April, Lance and I took the train to Amsterdam. It’s really crazy how the ticketing machines don’t take any paper money or visa cards, so we ended up traveling the first bit of out trip without a ticket and luckily didn’t get checked.

Amsterdam Centraal (Train station)

Amsterdam is absolutely crazy! There’s so many people and just so much happening. You really need to have eyes in the back of your head. We walked over “De Dam”, which is the main street with hundreds of shops. It’s quite funny how this bit of Holland, doesn’t even feel like Holland. It’s almost as if you’re in a different country. It’s full of tourists and all the shop owners talk English. They try and pull you into their shops or restaurants, which is something I’ve never experienced in Holland. I really felt like a tourist.

The day we were there there was a huge fair (Kermis) happening, with lots of rides. It was fun to walk through and eat some real traditional Dutch fast food: “oliebollen!”

Before going to Amsterdam I had done some research on what would be fun to do and see. I had found a company who did boat trips through the canals so Lance and I went to check it out. I was quite excited to do this, but it turned out to be more of an elderly attraction we both decided. Although it was really fun to see all the old houses and hear about the history and take lots of photos, people were literally falling asleep. It was quite hilarious.

Because there’s often no rails between the water’s edge and the parking spaces, several cars per week end up in the water.

Moving house in Amsterdam is a real task. Because the houses are so narrow, oftentimes furniture doesn’t fit through the door, which is why many people bring their stuff in through the top windows by hoisting it up using a rope and connecting it to the extending bits you can see connected to many houses at the top.

Once we finished this “exciting” boat trip we thought we’d do something a little different, so we headed to the Red Light District! Definitely the highlight of our trip haha. I’d never been here before when I still lived here and so it was quite fun and interesting to see, although I couldn’t help but feel sorry for these girls. The funniest moment was definitely when an old gross man came out of one of the rooms, which was right next to a pub and everyone started clapping and cheering him on. He gave a quick bow and walked off quickly probably feeling slightly embarrassed.

There were still so many things I would have loved to see in Amsterdam, but time really flew by. I really loved this city and wish I could have spent a couple more days here, but it was almost time to leave the country already, so who knows, maybe one day in the future I’ll get to come back.



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