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Roaring Lions

After not having been on a drive for over 5 weeks I was very excited to join Lance for the afternoon drive 2 weeks ago. The first 2 hours were a bit quiet, while we tried tracking down a pride of lions that had been spotted earlier that day, although we did see this very impressive male waterbuck.

Driving through the open plains looking for lions.

A little bee eater

Stopping for drinks at the river.

After the sun had gone down we got word of a different pride of lions that had been spotted far from where we were and in an area we weren’t allowed to drive, but since they were moving towards where we were allowed to go and our afternoon had been a little quiet, we decided to move on. However once we were halfway from where we were coming from and where we were going, Bert, another local guide, radioed in that he had spotted the pride of lions we had been looking for the entire afternoon, exactly where we had just come from. Lance decided to turn around and after a very bumpy 15 mins driving we saw the spotlights of other game vehicles in the distance. Moving in closer a pride of one male lion, a couple of lionesses and cubs came into view. It was the pride that had crossed the river a couple weeks ago, including Limpy, the lioness we had tried to locate the week before! (see the bottom of THIS post). It was great to see her back with her family, in good condition, even though she lay about 20 meters away from the rest. The best moment was when she let out a roar and the male lion responded by roaring loudly back at her. It was amazing to be so close to it. I’ve heard lions roar at night several times, but mostly from a couple of kilometers away, never so close. See the video at the bottom of this post.



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