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Utrecht, Gouda and Reeuwijk

Since I last wrote a week ago, I’ve taken more photos and have more stories to share with you all. Friday ended up being quite an interesting day! It started off with a trip to the supermarket. I had to get my phone out, because I kept seeing things and getting all excited! I think people might have looked at me slightly funny…

Danoontje (top left) is like a custard we always used to eat when we were little. In summer we would put spoons in them and then leave them in the freezer, which always took waaaay too long, before we could finally eat them again 🙂
For those that know me really well, you’ll know about my love for chips. Hamka’s chips (ham and cheese) are my absolute favorite!!
Another thing I had forgotten about are “roze koeken”, or Pink Biscuits/Cakes. They are soooo gooood!! Can’t really explain what they taste like, but believe me, they are amazing! And then there’s “stroopwafels”….!! If you’re from NZ, go to the isle with international foods and look for these! I promise they won’t disappoint! Waffles with syrup between them!!

I won’t go through them all, because after our trip to the supermarket, life got a whole lot more exciting!! Mum dropped us off at the train station so we could check out how much bikes would cost to rent: waaaaay too much, so we walked back to look for mum and realized she had deserted us in the freezing Dutch cold!! Ok, it was an honest mistake, but this girl was not a happy camper! With toes, fingers and noses close to falling off there was no way we were gonna walk back for an hour and a half, so we went to the pizzeria and bought a pizza and pasta, while we waited for mum to come get us again 🙂

That night mum and I went to a birthday where I might have had a little too much to drink and embarrassed myself only “slightly” in front of mum :/

On Sunday I went to visit my best Dutch friend, Jolanda and her absolutely cute daughter Kaylee, who will be 2 in September and so I hadn’t met her yet. It was so good to see them. Since apparently I am not toooo bad at photographing children I promised her to take some photos of her daughter next time I’d see her, so stay tuned!

On Monday mum dropped us off at the train station, so Lance and I took the train to Utrecht. I have to take a moment to say that Lance was absolutely amazing at going into every single shop with me and waiting patiently without complaining while I tried things on. Utrecht is a really nice city, with lots of old buildings and canals (and shops 😉

Before going home we had these seriously amazing fresh juices (which Lance definitely deserved :D)

The day after, on Tuesday, I went to Gouda with mum and Lance. Gouda is the city I was born (oh and apparently it’s also known for its cheese).

Later that night we went back to mum’s best friends in Reeuwijk (the village I’ve lived most of my life) where we had dinner. We ended up “racletten”. It’s a typical Swiss type of food where you melt cheese in little pans under a grill. On top of the grill you put little pieces of meat. It’s very similar to “gourmetten”, one of our traditions we still do every year at Christmas.



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