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On Friday Lance and I took the train to Rotterdam to explore this awesome city. It’s taken me a couple days to edit all the photos I took, but here they are:

Stadshuis (City Hall) build in 1914 on the Coolsingel (one of the main streets)

De Koopgoot (one of the shopping centers in Rotterdam)

De Kubuswoningen (Cube Houses).

The sign above the door of this shop said: “we make shopping fun”. I don’t think Lance agreed.

After an hour or 2 walking around town, doing my very best to avoid the shops for Lances sake, we decided to take the watertaxi across the river to what is called “Hotel New York”

This building used to be the headquarters of the Holland America Line. Situated on the waterfront, ships used to come in here picking up many Europeans who moved to America in the hope of a better life. When the headquarters of the Holland America Line moved to Seattle in 1977 the building was put up for sale and in 1993 Hotel New York (hotel and cafe/restaurant) opened it’s doors to the public again. The entire interior is still in it’s original style and even the barbershop is still there.

Lunch at Hotel New York 🙂

The iconic “Erasmus brug/bridge”

A friend on mum’s had given us free tickets to the “Euromast” (skytower), so we decided to combine it with our day to Rotterdam. Because the ticket gave free entry to 4 people I decided to “pay it forward” and give the couple behind us free entry as well 🙂

After a long day of walking we were glad to sit down in the train and as a cherry on top it evenj started to snow 🙂

Just a few bikes 🙂


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