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Back in New Zealand my aunt had asked me if we would be able to give 2 presentations at her school. One about our photography and one for the College Prep class.

Today (11/4) was the day we were to do our photography presentations. I’ve always, even as a child, loved public speaking, Lance however wasn’t as keen, so it was quite funny that out of the 45 minutes we had, he ended up using 30 of them!

Even with only 15 minutes left to show them and talk about my work I had a really great time and everyone seemed to really love our photos and to hear about how we took them.

Two weeks later, after our holiday to the coast we received this card and 2 boxes full of chocolates. I really hadn’t expected anything, so it was a very sweet surprise. The photo on the cover was a photo the students had taken and developed in the darkroom.

The following day we were to give two presentations for a class called “College Prep”. The students came in at 9.30, including my cousin. For this class it was the idea that we would talk about our degrees, what we did at Uni and what we can do with our degrees in the future, however I wanted put a little spin on it and make it a little more inspiring by talking about following your dreams and doing what you’re passionate about. I was a little hesitant at first as this is an American school, where success is all about money and getting a well paid job, compared success in the form of happiness, but I wanted to stick to what I believe in and inspire them to do what they love doing and it really was a great success.

Ok, I’m gonna get a little personal here, because I am really excited and passionate about this. A couple years ago I read one of the most inspiring books that has changed my life completely: The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. This book has really taught me to dig deep and find out who I am and what my purpose is, what I love doing and what it is I am supposed to do. This might sound like abracadabra to some of you, but it really worked for me. During the last few years, it almost seemed like the pieces of this puzzle (called my life) started falling into place and that’s a pretty damn good feeling. I found more books that really inspired me, I listened to them when I went for runs, I became more and more positive, my entire way of thinking changed, I started my grateful project and slowly I started realizing that this is what I want to do in life. I want to teach people how to be truly happy with who you are, by doing what you love and believing you can achieve it.

So to cut the story straight, when I was given the opportunity to give this presentation it felt like this was my opportunity to do exactly that that I want to do in life: give talks to inspire people to do what they are passionate about and it really went well. We got so great many compliments and even the American teacher, who I was a little scared about that he wasn’t going to like it, loved our approach!

This day was just so amazing, because it was the day I realized that this is what I should be doing and that I can actually make a living out of doing what I love to do! 

The Life Purpose Exercise from Jack Canfield’s book The Success Principles.


Click the image above to watch one of the videos we showed the students. It’s by one of my favorite philosophers, Alan Watts and incredibly inspirational.


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