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Eye to eye with lions

My last game drive before life turned into a dramatic episode of Grey’s Anatomy was one I will never forget. We had a full vehicle, so I ended up sitting in the front next to Steve. Initially it wasn’t the greatest spot to see the animals from as you’re not very high and I wasn’t keen to hit Steve in the face with my lens, trying to photograph past him, but about an hour into the drive one of the local rangers radioed in that there was a large pride of lions on the plains and I ended up having the best seat in the house. We hurried up to them and as the sun was very low, I couldn’t have asked for better light as a photographer. It was pure magic…



Driving up to the area the lions had been spotted, was very excited. We watched as 2 large cubs were relaxing in the grass, but when we turned the corner, it got even better! This male lion walked right up to us, only a few meters away from where I was sitting.

I couldn’t quite decide which one I liked better 🙂

We ended up staying with the pride for quite a while and it was just incredible to have these large animals walk only an arms length from you. This was definitely my absolute favorite game drive up to date!


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