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Elephants, elephants and more elephants

After six week at Sabi Sabi, Lance and I finally had our first two weeks off. We were very lucky to be able to stay at Lance’s aunt and uncles holiday home in Marloth Park again (the place we stayed at after quitting our first jobs and looking for something new).  Although unfortunately I spend most my time with two ginormous infected spider bites on my legs, back on antibiotics again and enough doctors visits and tests to last me for the rest of the year, we did manage to have some fun as well.

We went into Kruger twice and had a great time. On our first day we decided to go further North, an area we hadn’t driven yet. The amazing thing about Kruger is that the landscape can change so quickly. One minute you’re in thick vegetation, shrubs and trees right next to the road and you’ll have trouble seeing animals, the next moment you’re driving in open areas, where you can see for miles.


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On an open stretch of road we spotted a large herd of elephants far in the distance. They were slowly making their way towards us, so with no other places to be, we decided to wait and see how close they would get. Not long after, we were surrounded by as many as 50 elephants. Most female, a few males and several babies (the smallest not even reaching above the grass). To have these enormous animals walk in front, behind and on both sides of the car, within just a few meters is so very special. Elephants have always been my favorite animal and they still are._MG_6049-Edit_MG_6050-Edit-2_MG_6062-Edit_MG_6079-EditClick to enlarge_MG_6115-Edit_MG_6131-Edit_MG_6145

A kori bustard


A European Roller


Birds Woodland Kingfisher_MG_6277_MG_6281_MG_6283_MG_6285_MG_6286_MG_6293_MG_6301_MG_6312_MG_6320_MG_6329-Edit_MG_6339-Edit_MG_6380

At the end of our second day in Kruger we were very lucky to see a large herd of elephants rolling in the dirt with the most spectacular afternoon sun shining down on them. I couldn’t pick which photos to upload, so here’s all of them 🙂


After 2 weeks of relaxing it was time to get back to work. We had a great break, despite my poor health and I was able to buy almost all the things I wanted to make our room at Sabi Sabi feel nice and homely. I will post another post soon with some more photos of our newly decorated room and of the rest of the place, plus the amazing people I work with 🙂

For now, this is it. Stay in touch!! xx


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