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As soon as you leave the house and step outside the gate it’s like stepping into a completely different world: noise, crazy drivers, people living in small huts along the roads, many, many children and both men and women working extremely hard to survive.

Today we went for a drive through the outskirts of Tana. We stopped at a large souvenir market and looked at all the things they make here. I ended up buying a bracelet while Lance got a t-shirt that was too small for him and is now mine πŸ™‚

We both took lots of photos, of the surroundings and the people there. The children are absolutely beautiful and there’s so many of them! I was completely in my element!

Most houses are build using mud instead of cement, which means that if an earthquake were to hit, nothing would be left standing. The fact that they use sticks as

Lots and lots of fruit for sale on the markets. Unfortunately it wasn’t the season for mango’s πŸ™

Just a chunk of cow for sale in the back of a car, lying in the sun. No “Clean, Cook, Cover, Chill” method used in this country.

The locals wash their clothes in the rivers or lakes and then leave them to dry on the grass or bushes.

Men fishing

The souvenirs market stretched about 2 km’s long and is filled with little huts where the locals sell their stuff.


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