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A perfect birthday

Two Saturdays ago, on the 3rd of August I celebrated my 24th birthday in the African bush and it was a very special day. Lance was up at 6 AM and wished me a happy birthday. Luckily I didn’t have to get up till 8, so I went back to sleep for another 2 hours before starting work. At breakfast time everyone sang me “Happy Birthday” and Nicole, our boss, and the staff came out with a ginormous chocolate cake, which we ended up having for dessert that night, because I wouldn’t for the life of me finish it by myself, and was given these beautiful flowers.

After breakfast the guests were off to see a tribal dancing performance and I was asked if I wanted to go along as a birthday present. Of course I did! The performance was based around the story of how this particular tribe came to this area and the struggles they had to overcome. It was so much fun and they were very good.  Plus, the naked men were a nice little bonus 😉

When we got back to the lodge I was able to relax for a couple hours while the guests went on game drive. Later that night, while preparing dinner, a herd of at least 40 elephants made their way into camp. For a long time we could hear them tearing off branches, but not see them, until they appeared from the thick grass to drink at the waterhole 20 meters from our lodge. I had never seen such a large herd of elephants and it being my birthday, plus having Steve return to the lodge only a few hours earlier, after having spent a week in ICU, it made me a little emotional to be honest. It was such a perfect way to end an incredible birthday and start a new chapter not just for me, but for Steve as well.


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